Would you like to see Smile on the face dreaming Children? Yes! If you decide to light up some lives and to the power of knowledge and education. Please ensure to extend your help hand to such Children with this you can make "MANY CHILDREN'S DREAMS COME TRUE" as well as this is a right opportunity to do the social and humanitarian service.


If you feel you are the one to contribute other than money, yes! You have an opportunity to do so. Register as a volunteer - Costs nothing but only your time Becoming a volunteer to such social moral services given mental peace and satisfaction because you are making someone to become right citizen so you can spend some of your free time to help children


Sri Sharadha Matha Educational and Cultural Trust � (SSMECT) is a non-profitable Charitable Trust registered in 1998 under the Indian Trust Act 1882. It was established in Bangalore by eminent social workers, SSMECT is an independent organization and does not represent any corporate house nor is a spokesperson for any sector.


Our small step can be an enormous soar for many children. Take this step. And help someone to take their next. Your all contributions exempted under section 80G (5) (VI) Income Tax. Pledge your contribution in the following ways. Rs. 500.00 - 5000 for School Fees, we spend on an average Rs. 2380/- per child for other expenses.


SSMECT(R) is having a great vision with highly qualified people harness the support, to the Mentally retarded and downtrodden children's, Physically Disabled, Old age people, Senior citizen welfare and well support free education, Rural Development Projects, Free Mobile Health Services to Urban and Rural Poor Section of Population.


With limited resources we are extending our sincere services to the genuine poor children without collecting any fee or any other monetary fund. We are also serving physically handicapped and mentally retarded children in our own humble best way to make them cope up with their future life.